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Meet Gary


Gary Lipson, Esq. is a registered patent attorney and has worked in the semiconductor industry for approximately 20 years. His career focuses on leveraging intellectual property to create value. He is married, lives in White Plains, NY, and has one son. Mr. Lipson’s three siblings and mother live nearby in CT and RI.

Gary was born in Fall River, MA, into a working-class family. He attended public schools that were within walking distance of his two-family house. Mr. Lipson grew up when it was safe for 5-year-olds to walk to school independently, and no one locked their doors. After graduating high school in 1974, he joined the Army and served six years, three years in active service, and three years in the Army Reserves.


Mr. Lipson spent his early career as a computer software analyst. In the early 1980s, companies transitioned from manual processes to computer-supported processes. He worked for Boston Water and Sewer, Lotus Development, Bank of Boston, and Digital Equipment.

He secured a legal degree from Western New England University, transitioned to legal work, and worked in private practice for five years. After receiving an MBA from Columbia University, Gary took a position at IBM and worked as a negotiator for seventeen years, supporting the semiconductor division. Since leaving IBM, he completed a doctorate in business and continues to practice law part-time.

Gary Lipson for NYS Assembly
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